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Access system instead of keys

With an access system, you will not need to use keys and instead have a passport tray. If you drop the tray, you can easily assign a new one and block the old ones. In this way, you do not have to change locks and make new keys. You save both time and money and put it on something more fun, like developing your business.

Safeguard helps you replace old keys with electronic keys. This access control system has a unique system structure and a wide range of innovative features. There is no requirement for a separate server/computer for operating the system, nor is any license management required because everything is built into the system. The access system is easily administered to the system with any browser.

Benefits of an access control system

  • Fitting tray instead of keys
  • Safer than keys since it is easy to block a lost tray
  • You get an access system, door phone, code lock, and the IR’s all stored in the same reading terminal
  • Gateway phone where the visitor can reach your business smoothly
  • Use any browser for easy administration
  • A system that can be expanded from 1-1000 doors
  • Bookings can be made smoothly to common premises such as laundry room, club room, etc. 
  • There is a built-in weekly magazine where you can easily choose which times and days, different codes should apply or when the gate should be locked. It even sets automatically to summer or wintertime
  • You can get talking instructions on how to change PINs or how to pass a door in the built-in speakers. Everything is also on the access system display.
  •  Quickly, you can turn on and off your alarm. You get both a speech message and a detailed text on the access system.

There are also smart additions to your access system

Plug-in modules that are easily installed with a “click” in the system and automatically presented in the administrator client to get started smoothly.

  • Doorphone – IP-based switching function for dialing over the Internet or regular corporate subscriptions to mobile phones, fixed home phones, or just DECT phones.
  • Radio readers – for control of elevators and lighting, but also remote opening of gates and garage doors
  • Motor lock control – A control unit for motor lock Safetron
  • More relays – seven extra relay outputs
  • Audio Module – When activating the burglar alarm, you can have an amplifier for extra speakers
  • Motor lock control – There is also a control unit for the ASSA motor lockContact us, and we can come to you and give you free advice. Like many other satisfied customers at Safeguard, take a step forward, and switch to an access system with you.

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    Keep track of your business
    via the App

    As a customer with us at Safeguard, you have full control of the business via the app, wherever y ou are. You control and control your alarms or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip, or why not at home.

    • Turn on or off your alarm system whenever you want, wherever you want. Get a notification when someone is on or off
    • Get a notification if the alarm is triggered in the room
    • See what happens through your camera surveillance whenever you want
    • Go back in time and upload saved material

    What is included in your company alarm

    • Free calls during a burglary. When the alarm goes off, a security guard always goes out to your company. Cooperation always takes place with the most appropriate action, such as police, security guards, and emergency services.
    • The alarm center will take appropriate action. The alarm center has experienced specially trained staff prepared around the clock when an alarm is triggered.
    • Encrypted information transfer. All communication between the alarm center and the alarm system takes place with encrypted information transmission.
    • Installation. Professional installers perform all installations to ensure a safe working alarm.
    • Product Warranty. Free material warranty during the term of the agreement. Should products stop working, we will install a new one for you at no cost. The only thing that is added is the service technician’s service charge.
    • Service agreement. Free service and free support during the contract period. It guarantees that your alarm works properly.