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Aluminum & glass

Entrances are often a risk area in terms of the safety of companies. Therefore, it is essential to think about how you want it and what safety class they need.

Doors and surrounding facades in secure aluminum and glass solutions give an open impression and, at the same time, prevent the burglar.

We at Safeguard are happy to help you find the best solution for your company!

In the north, it is vital with sunlight during the winter months, get a large aluminum & glass section for your office today!

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    A better environmental choice

    Aluminum is a very safe and stable material, and we at Safeguard work with products that can be integrated with our other security solutions. Our products are often used in vulnerable environments, and challenging climates, so high quality is a must.

    Safeguard delivers strong and stable designs with minimum maintenance required to make it as comfortable and easy for the customer as possible. In addition, aluminum has a long life, which reduces the environmental impact. About 75% of all aluminum produced since the 1880s is still in use.

    Did you know that?

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