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    Common questions

    Here we try to answer the most common questions that are usually asked to us. But of course, you are always welcome to call or send us an email if you have any concerns.

    Our opening hours are weekdays 08: 00-17: 00

    What is included in my agreement with Safeguard?

    By default, hardware, software, free service, and material warranty are always included during your contract period. It also includes free guardian expressions at A-alarm and expressions from Sweden’s strongest security company.

    What security requirements does my business have?

    Your insurance company has written in your insurance policy which alarm class and which protection class applies to your business. The alarm class is based on the hut the alarm should be built, and the protection class is based on how the mechanical protection should be or how it should be improved. Alarm class, according to alarm class 1,2,3, and protection class according to 1,2,3,4.

    What does a security solution cost?

    It isn’t easy to give a direct answer, as all businesses look different and have different needs. Whether it is mechanical security such as shutters, grilles, aluminum, and glass parts or technical protection such as alarms, cameras, and access systems, all our security solutions are adapted to your specific needs and safety requirements. Contact us at Safeguard, so you will be happy to choose a solution that suits your business.

    How do we do if we moving?

    Contact us at Safeguard via e-mail: or by telephone: 08-558 038 11. We are happy to contact the new owner/tenant who will take over your local, so please give us their contact details.

    How do I make a error report on an alarm system?

    Call us at 08-558-038 11 to help you solve the problem.

    What happens when the alarm goes off?

    In A-alarms, so-called sharp alarms, guards will be sent out for an exterior and an internal rounding. The alarm center will also contact you and check what has happened and see what measures to take. Should it be so that you would not answer and an incident has occurred, the guards will always come out to possibly cover any damage and activate the alarm again.

    Can I mount cameras in my shop?

    Responsibility for issuing camera surveillance licenses and supervising camera surveillance has been moved from the county administrative boards to the Data Inspectorate.

    The rules for camera surveillance were changed on May 25, 2018, when the new EU data protection regulation began to apply. Since August 1, 2018, there have also been changes when the new Camera Guard Act began to apply.

    Contact us at Safeguard so we can help you

    Is there an app for cameras and alarms?

    Yes, there is an app where you can easily follow all events in your room. There you can see when someone comes and goes and if the alarm goes off.

    But the app can make you feel safe when you can’t be in the room.