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Stop the thief with detection systems

Alarm bows protect your shop from theft. Today, we put wares on most products that we have in store. It can be anything from alarm trays that are put on clothes to labels that sit on perfumes. These alarms trigger a siren when an alarm is passed through the alarm bows at the output. In some stores, shoplifting is very common, such as gold shops, tobacco shops, and other high-value stores.

Alarm bows from Safeguard are available in a variety of designs to suit your particular needs. The same applies to the trays and labels with which the goods are marked. The arches can also be supplemented with magnetic or metal detectors that reveal stolen alarm collectors, prepared bags, etc.

Did you know that?

Sweepstakes and customer thefts are something that happens daily in Sweden. According to Svensk Handel, theft and poaching came to 7.9 billion in 2016, which increased by 31% since 2013. The right goods alarm can both reduce the theft attempts and enable the staff to stop ongoing theft.

Customer Counter

Safeguard can also offer you alarm bells with customer counters. These have several sensors built in to be able to count your customer number with high accuracy.


Customer counters can distinguish between incoming and outgoing visitors. This also means that you virtually eliminate inadvertent alarms from customers who carry the store’s products near the alarm bows. If you want an even safer solution, we at Safeguard can also supplement your facility with surveillance cameras. Then we also have pictures and videos as evidence of any thefts in the store. Or if the thief manages to escape from the site, then the material is saved, and it becomes easier to find the one who committed the crime.

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    Track your business with the App

    If you are a Safeguard customer, you have full control of the business on the app, wherever you are. You control your alarm or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip, or why not at home. With the app, you can see what is happening all the time.

    • Turn on or off your alarm system whenever and wherever you want

    • Get a message when someone is alerting or deactivating

    • Get an alert if the alarm is triggered in the room

    • See what’s happening through your camera surveillance all the time

    • Go back in time and upload saved material

    What is included in your company alarm

    • Free expressions on burglary. When the alarm goes off, a security guard always goes to your company. Cooperation always takes place with the best-suited action from the police, security guard, and emergency services.
    • The alarm center puts in the appropriate action. The alarm center has experienced specially trained personnel prepared around the clock when an alarm is triggered.
    • Encrypted information transfer. All communication between the alarm center and the alarm system takes place with encrypted information transfer.
    • Installation. Professional installers perform all installations to ensure a safe functioning alarm.
    • Product Warranty. Free material guarantee during the contract period. Should products stop working, we will install a new one for you at no cost. The only thing that is added is the service technician’s development fee.
    • Service agreement. Free service and free support during the contract period. It guarantees that your alarm will work properly.