Environmental policy

Safeguard constantly strives to run a company with the lowest possible environmental impact. We work actively to take the environment into account in all parts of our work.


Our responsibility

We pursue active environmental work together with our suppliers as well as customers and constantly strive to make conscious better environmental choices. To the extent possible, we shall follow and prevent environmental impact to the greatest possible extent.

We streamline our transports by collecting, transporting and route optimizing, thus reducing the mileage. We also choose to drive with double-decker tires to the extent that goes.

We also follow this when we buy our products that are to be delivered to the customer. Long transports make a big negative environmental impact and we are aware of that. Therefore, we buy most of our products from Sweden or the EU. We also strive to have as large a delivery as possible instead of shipping small batches at a time.

We constantly strive to have products for our customers who must have good environmental conditions and can be recycled as much as possible and get a new life. We do this by keeping your eyes open for better and more environmentally produced products that come out on the market.

We also recycle old used products at our warehouse which completed their loyal service in the security industry as they will be replaced by new ones.

Our goals are to actively work to have such a small environmental impact as possible, and constantly look for better and more environmentally developed products in the security industry.

Follow-up and evaluation takes place every year to ensure that we actively work according to our environmental policy, and discuss in the environmental group how it can be improved.


Safeguard’s environmental policy has been adopted by CEO David Albawy