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Do you want to know what your fog generator would cost?

Fog generator interrupts burglary in seconds

A fog generator, but usually also called a smoke machine, is a very effective way of getting the thief to leave the the building quickly.

Our security solutions that have a camera can in most cases be supplemented with a dimming generator. SafeGuard can offer you powerful dimming generators that spray out a very thick and heavy mist in the alarmed area and make it impossible for the perpetrator to orient himself in the room. Once it has been weathered, everything is as usual again, the fog leaves no trace behind. It does not damage clothing, furnishings or electrical equipment.

At SafeGuard, we offer dimming generators that suit many different types of operations. No business is too big or too small for our security solutions.

Did you know that?

In 2017, 5444 burglaries were reported at workplaces, this is an increase of 56% from 2013. This shows statistics from the Crime Prevention Council. SFF Stöldskyddsföreningen says that a large part of theft and damage can be avoided and prevented with preventive work and clear routines.

The fog generator is activated when it needs

Having a dimming generator from SafeGuard is a very efficient and safe solution against burglary that can be connected to your alarm system. It is not activated unnecessarily, but only when it is in a sharp position and it is really needed. You do not have to worry that it is activated by itself accidentally.

It takes only a few seconds for the dimming generator to be activated until the entire room is filled with smoke. The smoke is very thick and very difficult to see through. The thief then suddenly has no idea of the situation and minimal chance of getting out.

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7 tips – protects you from burglary

Make it look like you in the room. Leave the light on inside and outside

The fog generator scares off the thief with thick smoke in a few seconds

Breaking a shutter is a tough job! With such, you make it difficult and discourage the thief from entering the room

Always call 112 when you suspect a burglary.

Have good locks, both on doors and windows. Alarms are also good to have to scare off the thief and should be connected to the alarm center

Be observant in your area and help each other neighbors. The thieves can, for example, dress as craftsmen to blend in

Camera surveillance is good to have so you can see who comes and goes in the room and chances are then to get hold of the thief


«I’m very pleased with the collaboration with SafeGuard! Have hired SafeGuard for all our alarm bags that we have on our scaffolding »

Gille Sabovic / Gilles Byggställningar

« It’s nice to work with SafeGuard! They are smooth and solve most things at once. I usually know myself if a company is serious or not and my first positive impression of SafeGuard is. I am very happy and recommend them to everyone! »

Safah Hendi / 81ans Tobak

« For us, security is extremely important, and nothing to play with! At Andy’s Lekland in Örebro, SafeGuard has a total responsibility for the security solutions. For me it was the competence and the personal commitment that decided in the choice of security company »

Annelie Johansson / Leos Lekland

« Our need for camera surveillance and it works really well. They are professional and deliver quality, and when you need help you get it right away»

Augin Ataseven /  Fastighetsägare

« We had a lot of problems with our former security company “so-called big company”. In less than a year we had thirteen burglaries. The solution they recommended us was not enough and did not work at all. When we hired SafeGuard we have been able to sleep well in the evenings»

Fatih Cetinkaya / Lilla Rött

» Does the thief know how the room is protected?

We set up a sticker with you that clearly shows that the area is protected by a fog generator.

This is very deterrent to the thief as most people know what a fog generator does. In this way, we increase the chance that the thief does not even think it is worth trying to make a burglary. The truth that the thief comes out of the smoke before the police or security guard is in place is very small.

» When is the fog generator activated?

Att ha en dimgenerator från SafeGuard är en väldigt effektiv och säker lösning mot inbrott som går att kopplas till ditt larmsystem. Den aktiveras inte i onödan, utan endast när det är skarpt läge och den verkligen behövs. Därför behöver du inte vara orolig att den aktiveras av sig själv av misstag.

Det tar endast ett fåtal sekunder från att dimgeneratorn aktiverats till dess att hela rummet är rökfyllt. Tjuven har då helt plötsligt ingen koll på situationen och minimal chans att ta sig ut.

» Can I make it even harder for the thief?

Complement with flash light and lilac!

Combine fog with high-frequency flashing lights and a very sharp sound.

This puts even greater pressure on the intruder and it becomes difficult to steal something with the hands in the ears. A perfect combination of smoke, light and sound makes the situation unbearable for the thief and the likelihood of the burglary not being completed is very great.

It goes without saying that using these solutions separately, but we at SafeGuard recommend you to use these together for the best effect.

» How is it installed and used?

Den kan monteras på olika sätt, både horisonellt, vertikalt eller i taket. Den har en inbyggd batteri backup och ett inbyggt självdiagnossystem så att du alltid kan lita på att systemet fungerar.

Dimgeneratorn är monterad i en mycket starkt metallskydd som skyddar den mot yttre skador och sabotage.

En dimgenerator från oss går alltid att komplettera med våra andra säkerhetslösningar som bland annat  larm och kameror.

Vi på SafeGuard kommer gärna ut och hjälper er att hitta en säkerhetslösning som passar just ert företag.

» Who fits a fog generator?

All companies, both large and small can use a fog generator in their premises.

The fog generator also called the smoke machine prevents burglary and misleads the thief to leave the place in seconds.

Contact us at SafeGuard and we will be happy to offer you free advice.

Why a fog generator from SafeGuard
  • Minimizes the risk of the thief being able to complete the burglary     
  • Very high power of dense white smoke that fills the room in a few seconds 
  • Can be combined with our other security solutions     
  • Can be combined with strong sound and light     
  • Battery backup     
  • Built-in self-diagnosis     
  • Heavy sabotage resistant case

Call us on 08-558 038 11 or let us contact you for a free advice

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Installation and use

It can be mounted in different ways, both horizontally, vertically or in the ceiling. It has a built-in battery backup and a built-in self-diagnosis system so that you can always rely on the system to work.

The fog generator is mounted in a very strong metal protector that protects it from external damage and sabotage. A dimming generator from us can always be supplemented with our other security solutions, such as alarms and cameras.

We at SafeGuard are happy to come out and help you find a security solution that suits your company.

About us

SafeGuard is a security company that offers you a tailor-made security solution in high quality. We offer our services and products to all kind of companies both large and small. With great commitment, personal service and long experience in security can we offer you a safe security solution.

Common questions

What does a security solution cost?

> It is difficult to give a direct answer, all businesses look different and have different needs. Whether it is mechanical security such a roller shutter, grilles, aluminum and glass parts or technical protection such alarms, cameras, and access system, all our security solutions are adapted to your specific needs and safety requirements. Contact us at SafeGuard and we will be happy to help you to choose a solution that suits your business.

What security requirements does my business have?

> Your insurance company has written in your insurance letter which alarm class and which protection class your business have. Alarm class is based on how the alarm is built and the protection class is based on how the mechanical protection should be or how it should be improved. Alarm class according to alarm class 1,2,3 and protection class according to 1,2,3,4.

What is included in my agreement with you?

> In standard that always included hardware, software, free service and material guarantee in during contract period. It also includes free guardian expressions at A-alarm and expressions from Sweden´s strongest security company.

What happens when the alarm goes off?

> For A-alarms, also called sharp alarms, guard will be sent out for an exterior and an internal rounding. The alarm center will also contact you and check what happened and see what measures that need to be taken. If you not answer when an incident has occured, the guards will always come out and cover any damage and activate the alarm again.

How do we do if we moving?

> Contact us at SafeGuard via e-mail: or by telephone: 08-558 038 11. We are happy to contact the new owner / tenant who will take over your local, so please give us their contact details.

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