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Let in nature with a glass roof

Safeguard’s glass roof provides a maximum light inlet and can become the obvious point of view on your property.

We help you with customized solutions in very high quality so that it fits your particular business. They are built in a stylish design with a modern impression that is very safe for external influences. You can now sit inside the heat and enjoy the nice view through your glass roof. A glass roof gives a modern impression that stays fine year after year with minimal maintenance. This also enhances the lovely outdoor feeling and provides a soothing environment to be in.

We help you with unique solutions that suit your business.

Up here in the north, it is vital with sunlight during the winter months. Get a large aluminum & glass section for your office today!

Glass roof creates a great working environment and a lust to buy

The room feels more open and pleasant as you get a higher light in your property. This means that your employees will be more creative, and your customers will have higher purchasing power in your stores.

Having glass facades and glass roofs are becoming increasingly popular as we see that it provides a high level of comfort. We feel more like one with nature. Glass has previously only been used in windows, but is now available in all kinds of designs. Glass is a very reliable material. The development has progressed rapidly and is now an obvious choice in the construction industry. More and more people see the benefits of glass panels, and they are now a hot alternative to other construction methods.

Why should you have a glass roof?

  • Modern and stylish
  • Maximum light input
  • Minimal maintenance many years ahead
  • Nice working environment
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Aluminum frame in any color
  • Customized solutions that fit your business and premises.
  • Energy Efficient

Materials that last for many generations

Glass roofs from Safeguard are two-stage sealed. This means that the outer part of the facade must be rainproof and pressure-balanced. But it is also important that it is aerated and drained so that moisture that comes in can also get out.

It is the same air pressure on both sides of the outer seal, which means that water does not enter the joints’ facade. When it rains a lot, this is especially important as it creates a water membrane that wants to penetrate the glass. There is also an air and diffusion seal that should lie on the warm side of the wall. This seal also takes up the pressure difference between inside and outside. It can be made of plastic foil, or if it is a concrete wall, the concrete itself constitutes a seal. All glass roofs have an aluminum frame of the highest quality. Aluminum is a strong, stable, lightweight, and stainless material that requires minimal maintenance. This means that your glass roof will stay nice for many years to come.

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    A better environmental choice

    Aluminum is a very safe and stable material, and we at Safeguard work with products that can be integrated with our other security solutions. Our products are often used in vulnerable environments and hard climates, so high quality is a must.

    Safeguard delivers strong and stable designs with minimum maintenance required to make it as comfortable and easy for the customer as possible. Also, aluminum has a long life, which reduces the environmental impact. About 75% of all aluminum produced since the 1880s is still in use.

    Did you know that?

    Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled to 100% without losing any of its natural properties. In Europe, we recover 95% of all transport vehicles, 85% of all construction materials, and 42% of all beverage cans. The recycled aluminum is referred to as secondary aluminum but has the same physical properties as the primary aluminum.