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Safeguard helps you to check on booked times in the laundry room.

Laundry room booking should be simple and clear. Once upon a time, paper calendars and pencils were the ones that were used for laundry room bookings. Then came the mechanical calendar, where the residents got a small key to move around on a large board with dates.

Thankfully, both of these two solutions belong to the past.
With the booking systems that Safeguard offers you today, you can easily book time without a pen or key that must be kept in mind.

A booking system provides increased security for all users. A brilliant solution for
a laundry room booking in households with several members who want the opportunity to use the laundry more often.

An information and booking board from Safeguard is used to display the housing register and the information you wish to present to your members. The board is advantageously placed in the stairwell, where it becomes well visible to all users. You can easily enter which spaces can be booked as a sauna, laundry room, fitness room, club room, or other common areas through the administration application. Here you also add what information is to be presented and what time passes will apply to each booking object. The function also allows users to be able to book time directly via an optional computer or mobile.

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    Track your business with the App

    If you are a Safeguard customer, you have full control of the business on the app, wherever you are. You control your alarm or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip, or why not at home. With the app, you can see what is happening all the time.

    • Turn on or off your alarm system whenever and wherever you want
    • Get a message when someone is alerting or deactivating
    • Get an alert if the alarm is triggered in the room
    • See what’s happening through your camera surveillance all the time
    • Go back in time and upload saved material

    Advantages of a booking system

    • As a landlord, you avoid very much unnecessary administration
    • To a large extent, the bookings are managed automatically
    • You now also get a better look at who uses the system and when it is used
    • This can be the basis for planning the purchase of washing machines or perhaps changed opening hours
    • For your customers, it is now straightforward to manage everything via computer or mobile

    Technical data

    • A booking board in white powder-coated steel plate
    • A touch screen in IPS 15.6 ”
    • 1920 x 1080 Image Resolution
    • European Championship or Mifare booking board
    • PoE power supply
    • You can make 240 booking items per board
    • With up to 15 booking intervals per day
    • Machine Control
    • The dimensions are 325x550x65
    • Built-in presence sensor for energy-saving function