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Personal alarm

Personal alarms also referred to as assault alarms, are perfect for people who work in a vulnerable environment, during the night, or for staff who always work alone. No one should have to feel threatened or exposed at work, and therefore the assault arm is connected to the alarm center, which directly contacts the police. If something happens, help is a push away!

When you press the alarm button, an alarm is sent with information about where you are and who you are to the alarm center. Meanwhile, a voice call is switched on, and the operator can hear what is happening and how the situation is. When the event can be followed, the operator can ensure that you get the help you need.

The personal alarm is also equipped with a timer alarm function, which means that after a predetermined time, the unit automatically alarms itself if the user is not able to alarm in case he or she has fainted, for example. Even if the personal alarm ends up in a position that it is not supposed to be in a lying position, it will also be sent an alarm. If the mode is not acute, the user can use the so-called Call Button button. When you press the button, the assault alarm dials a pre-configured number.

Did you know that?

The offense refers to all acts where someone deliberately delivers another person bodily injury, illness, or pain or puts a victim in powerlessness or any other condition. Abuse is one of the most common crimes. In 2017, police-reported about 84,200 of abuse in Sweden.

Why a personal alarm?

A personal alarm offers you security at risky workplaces or for you who have an increased threat picture in your work.

Authorities and employers are constantly working to increase safety at workplaces around the country.

There are also statutory requirements for occupational groups that are more likely to end up in threatening situations. It can mean a difference in life and death for the person using a personal alarm in these situations.

A personal alarm is also straightforward and discreet to carry with you in all everyday situations.

What is a personal alarm?

A personal alarm is used to be able to call for help in a threatening situation quickly. There are different types of personal alarms, depending on what the person needs.

The personal alarm is usually connected to an alarm center that can see your position and follow the course of threats or violence. GPS usually follows the position. Radio beacons, Wifi, or GSM networks.

When do you use a personal alarm?

Personal alarms are used when the threat picture is high, and the risk is great that a dangerous situation may arise where emergency assistance may be needed. Should the user faint or end up in a lying position, the personal alarm can automatically call for assistance to the affected person as she cannot press the alarm button himself.

Who uses personal alarms?

Personal alarms can help anyone who feels they are in a threatening situation. But it is most common to use personal alarms in occupational groups with a larger threat picture and have the requirement to use personal alarms. The most common occupational groups that need greater security are, for example, shop staff, security guards, parking guards, healthcare professionals, and some single workers as electricians.

How does a personal alarm work?

Before the personal alarm begins to be used, it is configured to work as you wish. For example, this can be that you want it connected to the alarm center or how the different sensors should work.

When a threatening situation arises, press the alarm button, and the information is sent directly to the alarm center, who sees who you are and where you are. The alarm center will also switch on voice calls so that they can hear what is happening and how the situation develops via the microphone. The operator listens to the event and makes sure to send the appropriate assistance that the situation requires. Other information, such as illnesses, contact persons, and signaling, can be submitted to the alarm center in advance to take appropriate measures.

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    Track your business with the App

    If you are a Safeguard customer, you have full control of the business on the app, wherever you are. You control your alarm or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip, or why not at home. With the app, you can see what is happening all the time.

    • Turn on or off your alarm system whenever and wherever you want

    • Get a message when someone is alerting or deactivating

    • Get an alert if the alarm is triggered in the room

    • See what’s happening through your camera surveillance all the time

    • Go back in time and upload saved material

    What is included in your company alarm

    • Free expressions on burglary. When the alarm goes off, a security guard always goes to your company. Cooperation always takes place with the best-suited action from the police, security guard, and emergency services.
    • The alarm center puts in the appropriate action. The alarm center has experienced specially trained personnel prepared around the clock when an alarm is triggered.
    • Encrypted information transfer. All communication between the alarm center and the alarm system takes place with encrypted information transfer.
    • Installation. Professional installers perform all installations to ensure a safe functioning alarm.
    • Product Warranty. Free material guarantee during the contract period. Should products stop working, we will install a new one for you at no cost. The only thing that is added is the service technician’s development fee.
    • Service agreement. Free service and free support during the contract period. It guarantees that your alarm will work properly.