Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is important to us at Safeguard. We want to be completely open with how we use and when we use your personal data. This privacy policy contains important information about how we handle personal data and explain your rights with respect to our personal data processing.

Why do we use your personal information on Safeguard?
Safeguard Sweden, which performs surveillance services for customers, is responsible for the processing of personal data that takes place in the performance of the service by employees and where it is specifically prescribed by law or other regulations on how guarding staff or other personnel with certain position within the security company shall process personal data. An example may be when a guardian suspects or becomes aware that a crime is committed under public prosecution and that it can follow imprisonment against the guardian intends to protect.

What personal data do we handle?
We handle name, social security number, e-mail address, and address if information is known. Current contact information if you are already a customer and a general description of your property.

Information is used for the following purposes.
We use your information to provide a cost estimate, which is done either by phone, booked meeting at agreed place or via questionnaire online. This is used according to data protection laws. Our use of your personal data before and in connection with the preparation of a quotation for you is based on the rules that specify the measures we may take before agreement is entered into with you.

Who can access your information?
Authorities that the police authority may take part of the information and also the customer for the guarding mission.

How long will the data be saved?
Safeguard stores the data as long as it is needed to be able to report the data and demonstrate compliance with the regulations in accordance with the statutes. Safeguard saves the data only if they are needed for future testimony when submitted to the authority. Reporting that takes place via the alarm center, for example, needs to be saved for at least one year when it is required for record keeping according to the applicable certification and constitution.

Why is Safeguard using your data?
We need the information to handle the service and take care of incoming alarms with you as a customer. The legal basis for using your personal data is that the processing is necessary to fulfill agreements with you or, if the agreement is not with you, a legitimate interest for third parties with whom Safeguard has entered into an agreement.

We who are part of your information are?

Employees at Safeguard and the alarm center according to current regulations.

How long are your personal data stored?
Your personal data is saved up to 12 months after the agreement has been concluded. Image material is saved in accordance with current regulations.Our customers at Safeguard generally have the personal data responsibility for the documents that Safeguard performs when exercising security services and when Safeguard provides technical security equipment as part of the service. We act as personal data assistants. We refer you to our customers if you want to know more and get more information.

Visitors to Safeguard’s premises

What information do we handle?
Personal data such as name, telephone number, company name and social security number.

Who takes part of your personal information?
The county administrative board, which is the supervisory authority of guarding companies, may take part of the information. We who work at Safeguard as well as in some cases people who provide the visitor system and then only for the purpose of improving the service.

How long do we save your data?
The data is removed after 12 months.

Camera surveillance in our premises

On what legal basis do we use your personal data and why?
We monitor certain parts of the premises as passages, inside and outside. This surveillance is done in order to be able to monitor the alarm with alarm cameras in order to see that the right people enter the room. But also to verify an alarm and be able to see what has happened in a criminal investigation.

What information do we handle?
Pictures from camera surveillance where we can see who enters the premises.

Who takes part of your personal information?
When an alarm goes with us, the information is sent to the alarm center. The camera surveillance at passages can be seen at the security staff whose task is to rectify alarms and to carry out surveillance of the premises, internal cameras that have the sole purpose of being used in criminal investigations can only be seen by our security department.
How long do we save your data?
We save the data for up to 2 months.

Access system at Safeguard’s office premises

On what legal basis do we use your personal data?
Safeguard has access systems on all exterior doors and some doors indoors on the premises. The purpose is that only those with permission must be able to access the premises with a passport tray. This is to protect Safeguard’s operations with regard to both the internal operations but also data and equipment belonging to Safeguard’s customers.

What personal data do we handle?
Company, social security number and name. Logs are stored on passages through doors and on the person passing by.
Who takes part in the personal data?
Log information may only be used by the security department for the purpose of being used in the criminal investigation. Names, social security numbers and companies can be seen by the administrators who have the task of giving access to the persons who are entitled to their own access.
How long do we save your personal data?
Your personal data will be stored for up to 24 months after the authorization expires since they are then removed from the system. Log data is stored for 24 months.

Contract management of administration before, during and after contract management

Why do we use your personal information on Safeguard?
We use your personal data and contact information to prepare, manage, deliver or receive in order to follow up the agreements that you or the company you are employed with or work as a consultant in. If you as a physical person make an agreement with us, the legal the reason why the processing is necessary to fulfill the agreement that you are party to. In other agreements, the legal basis is that both Safeguard and the company you represent have a legitimate interest in treatment to enable both the deal and the obligations that the deal entails and which are stated in agreement between the parties.
Which of the categories of personal data handles
Through the company information, we control who has the right to sign the company. We handle data such as name, e-mail, telephone number for the documents where the data subject is not a contractual party. Encrypted Credit Card Number, Contract Number, Order Number and Customer Number can also be processed. As well as social security numbers to secure your identity.
Who gets to know your personal information?
Those who are employed at Safeguard and subcontractors that we cooperate with shall perform the service that may need to handle agreements involving the delivery of services or products and customers upon delivery. The information can also be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes.
How long do we save your data?
Your personal data will be removed if you terminate your employment with Safeguard’s contractual partner. Information contained in ERP systems will be deleted as soon as you have informed us that we will not process your data any longer. In some cases, Safeguard is required by law to preserve your personal data as they appear as verification or part of an agreement.

Safeguard employees and contact persons for employees

Why do we use Safeguard’s data?
This information leaves the employee or you as a relative to us because we can get hold of you as soon as possible if something should happen like an accident.

What categories of data are handled?
We handle your name, address and phone number

Who is taking part of your information?
It is the employee of Safeguard or an authorized person with us who takes part of the information. Should there be, for example, an accident, your information can also be submitted to a third party such as authority.

During how long are these data saved?
As long as you are a contact person or as long as the employee works with us, the information is saved.

Our contact form

Why do we use your personal information on Safeguard?
We use your contact and personal information to be able to return to you when you filled in a form
What personal data do we handle?
What is provided in the contact form such as name, address, company, e-mail, telephone number and personal information.Who is taking part in your information?
Those who are employed at Safeguard

How long will your data be stored with us?
Forms are saved and deleted as we do not need them anymore for the purpose

Email sent to us

Why do we use your personal information emailed to us?
We use your contact and personal information to be able to return to you when you emailed us. That we should be able to communicate with you in different cases.

What personal data do we handle on Safeguard?
We handle information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail, but also other information that you send to us by mail.

Who can access your information?
The parties we need to provide with information to be able to help you in your case. Safeguard employees also take part of your information.

How long do we save on Safeguard your data?

Mail is saved and deleted as we do not need them anymore for the purpose

What rights do you have as registered information with us

If you see that your information is incorrect, you have the right to contact us so we can correct so that is the right information. Contact our office and we will help you correct the information. You have the right to request information and access to the personal information we have about you.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. But if these are needed for justified reasons, Safeguard retains the data to exercise or defend legal claims.

We safeguard the security of the information we handle and take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact us at