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Safeguard protects you with roller shutters made in Sweden

Roller shutters are classic burglary protection for restaurants and retail premises. For example, they work just as well for all businesses with entrances at street level, large glass sections, etc.

With the help of a code / or key, a shutter can be easily rolled up and down. They can be mounted outdoors and indoors and shielded by a certain part of the room or the entire entrance.

The shutters are available in many versions, and Safeguard helps you customize the size according to your particular room. It is also available in different colors according to the RAL scale so that it suits your business. We help you find a shutter that looks good and keeps the burglar out.

Did you know that?

Housing burglary increases sharply in Sweden by as much as 24 percent between 2008–2017. With a Jalusi, you protect your premises from burglary and vandalism and makes it difficult for the thief to enter the property.

What different types of shutters are there?

The Roller shutter is both unclassified and certified in safety classes 3 and 4 according to the European safety standard ENV 1627. All shutters are manufactured in Sweden, and we can offer you a competitive package solution.

Here we explain the difference between the different security classes, and we naturally help you find what suits your business and safety requirements.

Unclassified roller shutters.

Here, there are no requirements from the burglary protection point of view

Safety class 3.

A shutter that stops the smaller and most common burglars with a crowbar or the like. 600kg pressure overlock, and 300kg pressure against a corner. Test time 5 min

Safety class 4.

Here the thief is more experienced and has a better track of what he is doing. Uses equipment such as ax, crowbar, drill, arch file, and sheet metal scissors. 1000kg pressure overlock, and 600kg pressure over a corner. Test time 10 min

Roller shutters are supplied as standard in natural anodized aluminum profiles. It can be mounted either out or inside with front or niche mounting and with a 230 V tube motor, and if desired, the motor can be covered with a cover.

The engine always locks the shutter in the closed position. Two louver locks are always delivered to safety shutter in safety classes 3 and 4. It is also possible to get a roller shutter in safety class 3, where every other profile is comprehensive if you want to get a little more transparency.

An all-inclusive special shoe is always delivered to safety shutter in safety class 4.

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    Keep track of your business via the App

    As a customer with us at Safeguard, you have full control of the business via the app, wherever you are. You control and control your alarms or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip, or why not at home.

    • The alarm on or off your alarm system whenever you want, wherever you want. Get a notification when someone is on or off
    • Get a notification if the alarm is triggered in the room
    • See what happens through your camera surveillance whenever you want
    • Go back in time and upload saved material

    What is included in your company alarm

    • Free calls during a burglary. When the alarm goes off, a security guard always goes out to your company. Cooperation always takes place with the most appropriate action, such as police, security guards, and emergency services.
    • The alarm center will take appropriate action. The alarm center has experienced specially trained staff prepared around the clock when an alarm is triggered.
    • Encrypted information transfer. All communication between the alarm center and the alarm system takes place with encrypted information transmission.
    • Installation. Professional installers perform all installations to ensure a safe working alarm.
    • Product Warranty. Free material warranty during the term of the agreement. Should products stop working, we will install a new one for you at no cost. The only thing that is added is the service technician’s service charge.
    • Service agreement. Free service and free support during the contract period. It guarantees that your alarm works properly.