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Security door for your safety

Safety door from Safeguard protects against burglary and protects against fire and fire gases during a fire in the stairwell. The most common cause of death in fires is not the fire itself, but smoke. Since 2013 it has been a law that all newly installed doors in stairwells should be both fire-proof and fire-rated.

If you are a property owner or a member of the tenant owner’s association, it is your responsibility to ensure that your security door is installed according to law. Also, remember that mailboxes will deteriorate against fire gases and that it may then be better to use the postbox in the stairwell. A bonus with a security door is the good sound attenuation that the door provides. The security doors are made of strong steel plates and mounted in a frame with a steel plate around.

Did you know that?

In 2017, 5444 burglaries were reported at workplaces. This is an increase of 56% from 2013. This shows statistics from the Crime Prevention Council. SFF Stöldskyddsföreningen says that a large part of theft and damage can be avoided and prevented with preventive work and clear routines.

Benefits of a Safeguard security door

Feeding steel frame. This replaces wood lining and is our standard and is very resistant to shocks and violence

Hard steel frame. We remove the old frame and replace it with a steel frame in a 1.5 mm steel plate throughout the construction. This is thicker than most doors on the market.

Trailing pins. There are three fixed pins that swing into the frame when the door is closed in the rear edge of the door leaf. This prevents lifting of the door leaf on the hinge side

Welded steel hinges. A solid material that can withstand heavy loads

Solid steel plate. 1.5 mm steel plate on all sides. If you upgrade to class 4, you get a double sheet on the attack side, i.e., a total of 3 mm thick sheet

Thick insulation. To get a good sound and thermal insulation, we have 63 mm insulation. This is thicker than many others have on the market

Security lock. A piston locks up, and a piston locks down. There are also five pistons that lock horizontally

Assa lock. This lock is used at night and should complement the security lock

What is most often included in the basic price is a mechanical alarm clock, watch eye, twisted and pressed.

Some things to consider

  • Choose a door that fits your company’s facade
  • Take a door that is stylish with a timeless design that lasts for many years
  • Check if there is any requirement for fire or safety class
  • Is it a door that should sit on a public building or residential building?
  • Are you interested in connecting the door with any of our systems, such as alarms, cameras, or access systems?

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    Optional design on your security door

    To fit your company’s profile and the premises where you are working, the safe door is then dressed in the appropriate suit. We help you find a design with the right door mirrors, moldings, colors, etc., to both do the job and fit in.

    At Safeguard, we take into account the exterior character and details of each door and create a door that is very similar to the original trotts era or design. Also, K-marked church doors, homes, and advanced ornamentation are welcome and not foreign to us to work with. Please contact us, and we will come to you with some free advice where we go through what you need and what security class you need.

    Did you know that?

    Steel can be recycled 100% for an infinite number of times without deteriorating quality. The iron atoms are eternal, and by melting about scrap, you can get new steel with new and even better properties. This makes the material a good environmental choice and makes a difference to the global climate with a low climate footprint