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Sliding and folding doors

At Safeguard, let’s help you let in the nature with our aluminum and glass sliding and folding doors. Remove the boundary between inside and outside, let in the light and let the room become one with the outdoor environment.

Our sliding doors and folding doors are available in everything from uninsulated solutions for indoor use to super-insulated variants for outdoor use. Everything can be fully customized to suit your company. We are happy to come to you and help you find the perfect solution for you.

Together, we make an effort for the environment and at the same time save money through reduced energy consumption and save on heating costs.

Up here in the north it is especially important with sunlight during the winter months, get a large aluminum & glass section for your office today!

Folding doors in stylish aluminum

Safeguard can offer you stylish and stylish folding doors in aluminum that offer you to open up completely when the weather permits. Folding doors are simply folded together and parked easily and smoothly at the right or left of the opening. These are available in up to six sections and in one of these you can also mount a door if you do not want to open the entire section. They have good sound insulation and resist weather and wind with a burglar protection in resistance class 2.

Folding doors are available in two variants, uninsulated and insulated.

Uninsulated doors are a perfect choice to easily change the layout of the office. Or if you need some extra thermal insulation inside then folding doors fit very well.

Highly insulated folding doors are for outdoor use and can easily be pushed to the right or left. They are easy to fold together and keep the heat inside and the cold outside. It is a robust construction that lasts for many years to come.

Why should you have sliding or folding doors?

  • Modern and stylish
  • Maximum light input
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal maintenance many years ahead
  • Nice working environment
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Aluminum frame in any color
  • Two-stage sealed glass facade
  • Customized solutions

Sliding doors in stylish aluminum

A sliding door from Safeguard is a stylish design that fits all types of facades and stays fine for many years to come. Aluminum is a strong and light material that can be made in very narrow profiles and mount with large glass sections to get as much light as possible.

Together we choose which security class you need, what size, how many openings, and what insulation is desired. Large glass sections are preferably provided with a lifting sliding function to reduce the weight and friction at the opening. Our sliding and folding doors can also be combined with, for example, our security solutions such as alarms and cameras. This is to increase your security in the company so that you can feel secure.

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    A better environmental choice

    Aluminum is a very safe and stable material, and we at Safeguard work with products that can be integrated with our other security solutions. Our products are often used in vulnerable environments and hard climates, so high quality is a must.

    Safeguard delivers strong and stable designs with minimum maintenance required to make it as comfortable and easy for the customer as possible. Also, aluminum has a long life, which reduces the environmental impact. About 75% of all aluminum produced since the 1880s is still in use.

    Did you know that?

    Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled to 100% without losing any of its natural properties. In Europe, we recover 95% of all transport vehicles, 85% of all construction materials, and 42% of all beverage cans. The recycled aluminum is referred to as secondary aluminum but has the same physical properties as the primary aluminum.