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Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance may be used to prevent, reveal and investigate crime and damage in or outside your premises or business.

Here is legislation to weigh in, as well as issues about ethics and integrity. We can guide you to both a safe and responsible solution, and then stand for everything from installation to technical maintenance.

The digital technology has meant more flexible camera systems, better picture quality and lower prices. What the cameras record can be displayed in real time on the monitor, recorded and saved digitally and also remotely monitored via the network.

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Did you know that?

Sweepstakes and customer thefts are something that happens daily in Sweden. According to Svensk Handel, theft and poaching came to 7.9 billion in 2016, which is an increase of 31% since 2013. With camera surveillance one can both reduce theft attempts and have better control of their operations.

Camera surveillance with speakers

– Guardian on his way, leave immediately the place. “

What do we mean by speech-Camera?

There is a smart way to stop the thief before the injury has occurred with a speaker function connected to the cameras. When the camera reacts to something, an alarm is sent with live connection to the alarm center. Through loudspeakers, the alarm operator can then tell the offender that he or she is observed and that action is taken.

Many times this is a sufficient measure to deter crime and to get the thief to leave the site.

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7 tips

protects you from burglary

  • Make it look like you in the room. Leave the light on inside and outside
  • The fog generator scares off the thief with thick smoke in a few seconds
  • Breaking a shutter is a tough job! With such, you make it difficult and discourage the thief from entering the room
  • Always call 112 when you suspect a burglary.
  • Have good locks, both on doors and windows. Alarms are also good to have to scare off the thief and should be connected to the alarm center
  • Be observant in your area and help each other neighbors. The thieves can, for example, dress as craftsmen to blend in.
  • Camera surveillance is good to have so you can see who comes and goes in the room and chances are then to get hold of the thief
I’m very pleased with the collaboration with SafeGuard! 
Have hired SafeGuard for all our alarm bags that we have
on our scaffolding

Gille Sabovic / Gilles Byggställningar

It’s nice to work with SafeGuard! They are smooth and solve most things
at once. I usually know myself if a company is serious or
not and my first positive impression of SafeGuard is.
I am very happy and recommend them to everyone!

Safah Hendi / 81ans Tobak

For us, security is extremely important, and nothing to play with!
At Andy’s Lekland in Örebro, SafeGuard has a total responsibility
for the security solutions. For me it was the competence and the
personal commitment that decided in the choice of security company

Annelie Johansson / Leos Lekland

Our need for camera surveillance and it works really well. They are
professional and deliver quality, and when you
need help you get it right away

Augin Ataseven /  Fastighetsägare

We had a lot of problems with our former security company
“so-called big company”. In less than a year we had thirteen burglaries.
The solution they recommended us was not enough and did not work at all.
When we hired Safeguard we have been able to sleep well in the evenings

Fatih Cetinkaya / Lilla Rött

Reduce burglary risk

– Actions that make it harder for the thief

Thieves usually check on an area before they strike and plan their burglary carefully. It is also not uncommon for them to dress up, for example, as a craftsman, so as not to attract attention. Not only that, they check if the area is monitored with, for example, camera surveillance. Does the property have security doors and alarms connected? The better the area is protected the less the risk is that a crime is committed.

  • First and foremost, it is good to invest in a camera surveillance – with high-quality camera monitoring, you get sharp images of the burglar.
  • An alarm that is connected to a secure alarm center – with alarm connected to the alarm center, you get quick responses at sharp position.
  • Look over the windows and doors – the thief preferably avoids well-protected properties as it makes it difficult to get stolen goods out.
  • Use safety doors with complete break protection – it is important that the right door is in the right place to prevent burglary.
  • A secure access system – if you have an access system, a special tray is required to get in and it makes the thief difficult.
  • Fog generator – a fog generator also called a smoke machine scares off the thief as in a few seconds it covers the entire property in thick smoke.
  • Strong glass – strong glass on windows and doors makes it much more difficult to get into the room.
  • Clear decals – important to have clear decals that show that your room is well protected.

Track your business with the App

If you are a Safeguard customer you have full control of the business on the app, wherever you are. You control your alarm or cameras wherever you are, at work, on the trip or why not at home. With the app you can see what is happening all the time.

  • Turn on or off your alarm system whenever and wherever you want
  • Get a message when someone is alerting or deactivating

  • Get an alert if the alarm is triggered in the room

  • See what’s happening through your camera surveillance all the time

  • Go back in time and upload saved material

What is included in your company alarm

  • Free calls during burglary. When the alarm goes off, a security guard always goes out to your company. Cooperation always takes place with the most appropriate action, such as from police, security guards and emergency services.
  • The alarm center will take appropriate action. The alarm center has experienced specially trained staff who are prepared around the clock when an alarm is triggered.
  • Encrypted information transfer. All communication between the alarm center and the alarm system takes place with encrypted information transmission.
  • Installation. All installation is performed by professional installers to ensure a safe working alarm.
  • Product Warranty. Free material warranty during the term of the agreement. Should products stop working, we will install a new one for you at no cost. The only thing that is added is the service technician’s service charge.
  • Service agreement. Free service and free support during the contract period. It guarantees that your alarm works properly.
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