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Aluminum window – least maintenance and most protection

Aluminum is a strong stainless material that grows steadily in the choice of windows. It is maintenance-free and can be manufactured in any size to suit your company’s wishes.

It is also better for the environment as it is recyclable and, therefore, sustainable. Aluminum windows can be adapted to all types of buildings, large and small, and are very airtight and energy-efficient. This means that you get lower operating costs and keep high noises out. Built-in insulation steps break the cooling path through the profile, and multi-chamber systems contribute to better insulation ability.

Up here in the north, it is vital with sunlight during the winter months. Get a large aluminum & glass section for your office today!

Which window should you choose?

There is a lot to think about and decide on when you want to get a window. Choosing windows is not just about price and how energy efficient it is. It is also about choosing a style and material that fits the house’s character and what maintenance you want to put on the window.

Your window from Safeguard will last for many years, and it is important to think about what functions you want. For example, consider which location it should have, should it be openable or fixed, weathering mode, and is there any special burglary class or own desire on the glass that you want? We at Safeguard will be happy to come to you, and we can together go through what suits your company best.

Different types of glass

  • Common window glass: This is a common window glass that can be crushed in sharp shards, with great injury risk.     
  • Tempered window glass: If you only want to protect yourself from personal injury, it is enough with tempered window glass on the inside and outside. The glass is comminuted to gravel-like pieces when it is crushed, and the risk then becomes much smaller for cuts.     
  • Laminated window glass: A laminated window glass hangs in the window sash when it is crushed and prevents anyone from falling out of the window. This window is good to have at slightly higher heights.

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    A better environmental choice

    Aluminum is a very safe and stable material, and we at Safeguard work with products that can be integrated with our other security solutions. Our products are often used in vulnerable environments and hard climates, so high quality is a must.

    Safeguard delivers strong and stable designs with minimum maintenance required to make it as comfortable and easy for the customer as possible. Also, aluminum has a long life, which reduces the environmental impact. About 75% of all aluminum produced since the 1880s is still in use.

    Did you know that?

    Aluminum is a metal that can be recycled to 100% without losing any of its natural properties. In Europe, we recover 95% of all transport vehicles, 85% of all construction materials, and 42% of all beverage cans. The recycled aluminum is referred to as secondary aluminum but has the same physical properties as the primary aluminum.