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Wrought iron gate in Swedish quality

Our iron gates are of very high quality and are manufactured in Sweden. They fit equally well both indoors and outdoors and are mounted either in the niche or directly against the wall. The attachment of the grating is important for the construction to withstand burglary. The frame of the iron gate must be well anchored in the wall and floor. Wrong mounted grids are wasted money.

The grids can be used in most types of premises without any major interventions in the facade etc. The iron gates can also be supplemented with different locks such as fittings, padlocks, or lock housings that hold different types of security classes.

Did you know that?

In 2017, 5444 burglaries were reported at workplaces. This is an increase of 56% from 2013. This shows statistics from the Crime Prevention Council. SFF Stöldskyddsföreningen says that a large part of theft and damage can be avoided and prevented with preventive work and clear routines.

Make it difficult for the thief with a wrought iron gate

Safeguards iron gate can be a good complement to shutters, or as an alternative to shutters to keep costs down. They can also be used as extra protection in front of an ordinary door in exposed environments.

If the thief supports a wrought iron gate in front of a door, then the chance is very great that it goes from there. The risk is too great for the thief to get involved as it would sound far too much if he were to try to get in. Neighbors nearby would quickly hear what is happening and probably contact the police.

We at Safeguard naturally help you customize and choose a design that provides the greatest possible protection to your local area.

Some things to consider

  • Choose a grid that fits your company’s facade     
  • Take a grille that is stylish with a timeless design that lasts for many years  
  • Check if there is any requirement for fire or safety class     
  • Is it a grid that should sit on a public building or residential building?     
  • Are you interested in connecting the door with any of our systems, such as alarms, cameras, or access systems?

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    Dimensioned iron gates

    We at Safeguard offer you custom-made iron gate frames according to your own wishes. The iron gate is powder-coated in black as standard but can be ordered in any color if desired from the RAL scale.

    Also, various decorations can be made to get a more aesthetic look on your iron gate. They can be manufactured in many different forms depending on what you need and can be fixed and openable.

    Wrought iron gates are equally good to use, e.g., in front of the door, as a gate, or in front of a window.

    Did you know that?

    Steel can be recycled 100% for an infinite number of times without deteriorating quality. The iron atoms are eternal, and by melting about scrap, you can get new steel with new and even better properties. This makes the material a good environmental choice and makes a difference to the global climate with a low climate footprint